Bosnjak's/Parramatta Bus Co./Westbus - Sydney NSW - PeteReid
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m/o 5504 Leyland-MCW Olympic (9/64) Photo taken at Northmead Depot in 1983. (In the late 60's, the East German M.V MAGDEBURG was involved in a collision with a Japanese cargo vessel, YAMASHIRO MARU in thick fog off Broadness Point on the Thames River, London U.K. It heeled over and became partially submerged. It was carryng 42 Leyland Olympics (Left Hand Drive) bound for Cuba. The late John Bosnjak acquired 9 of the salvaged Olympics and had the Metro-Campbell Bodies remove from 8. The 9th was kept in tack to bring all the "Bits & Pieces" back to Sydney. In the workshop at the old depot at Church St, Parramatta, John converted 7 to right hand drive. 2 were kept for spares & 6 were sent to Commwealth Eng. to have CVI bodies fitted at the cost of $5500 each. m/o 5504 kept its Metro-Campbell body & was converted to right hand drive by John Boso at the Church St Depot. m/o 5497 was the 1st of the 6 to start earning a living in Australia in Nov.1969) (Damaged by fire in depot on 5/2/83 and later scrapped) (Image from the Peter Reid Collection)

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